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Digital Marketing – The Latest Trend in Marketing

Marketing which is comprised of various activities related with promoting one’s product or service is all over the globe. Formally or casually, individuals and associations take part in countless interactions that we could call Marketing or Promotion. Great advertising has turned into an undeniably imperative element for business achievement and indeed advertising significantly influences our day-to-day life. It is ordained in all that we do – from garments we wear to the sites we tap on, to the promotional advertisement we see and so on. 
In India, advertising kept on becoming popular though at a slower pace in the midst of the worldwide monetary emergency which hit the Indian market in the year 2008. Countless organizations witnessed order cancelations and Indian products faced a dull demand overseas. 
In any case, things have taken a new turn post the New Economic Policy 1991 and now India has emerged as a powerhouse. Thus, now as one takes a view at the Indian market, through the…