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Franchise - The Glowing Sun of A Sunrise Industry

It is rightly said that the human civilization undergoes drastic transformation every couple of decades. Some transformations are visible but some can only be felt.
India is undergoing a robust & positive change if we talk about its economic infrastructure. Everything is undergoing transformation whether its business styles, payment mechanisms, banking operations, financial restructuring, job profiles etc. etc.

One such emerging trend which is catching speed quite swiftly is franchising. Under this new style of doing business, a well-established business allows another business entity to use its brand name and expand the business. The franchise owner called franchiser shares its domain expertise, technical know-how, secret formula, recipes (in case of cooking related business like McDonalds) and numerous other resources with the franchise seeker.
Famous brands like Toss by Zaheer Khan (cricketer), Body Building India by Randeep Hooda (Actor), Godrej Appliances, Kurl-on, Bata etc.…